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Steak Max Mix

Steak Max Mix

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Great on more than just steak! Try this blend on other proteins or veggies, or in dips, soups, and so much more.

This blend was curated with steak in mind. However, it shines on just about anything. A great way to spice up grilled veggies, some of our favorites are zucchini, mushrooms, onions, broccoli, asparagus.

A balanced blend of sweet and smokey paprika, oregano, garlic and the slightest hint of red pepper balanced with the natural sweet and savory notes of cumin. Presenting a bold & savory flavor without adding spice and heat that will help your dish MAX out the flavor.


Salt, Minced Garlic, Paprika, Oregano, Dehydrated Onion, Red Pepper Flakes, Cumin.

How to Use

Sprinkle generously onto your cut of choice before throwing it on the grill or smoker. Bonus, you can add this to your burger patties for some extra flavor. Also makes a great addition to vegetables.

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