Max's Dirty Dip Recipe

Max's Dirty Dip Recipe

The break out recipe so far is without doubt Max’s Dirty Dip. Anyone who has tried this dip loves it. 

Max will be making this dip live on the local Fox network on Tuesday (1/29) at noon. He also had the opportunity to demonstrate it for 3 sections of Family and Consumer Sciences classes in the Olathe School District. Dare I say, we are starting a dip revolution.

Max’s Dirty Dip is a staple for all our football watch parties and at the lake in the summer. You will want to make it part of your regular rotation as well. After your family has this dip, there might not be a rotation any longer. Your family and friends will only want Max’s Dirty Dip.

The best part is how easy this dip is to make so let’s get right to it. Scroll to the bottom to watch Max make the dip!

You need 5 things, and only 5 things:

- 1 package of cream cheese

- 1 can of Rotel

- 1 pound of spicy ground sausage

- 2-3 tablespoons of Max Mix Steak Blend

- Your favorite chip or cracker for dipping (Max’s favorite are tortilla chips)


Start by browning the sausage in a skillet until cooked through. You don’t have to drain off the grease, but go ahead if that’s how you roll, nothing else about this dip is healthy so really why bother……

Next, cube up the cream cheese and add it to the pan, still over medium heat, to melt and integrate it with the sausage. Cubing it up helps it melt faster, and we are always in a hurry to get this dip in our belly.

Now, add the can of Rotel and stir it all up together.

Finally, add 2-3 tablespoons of Max Mix Steak Blend to bring it all home.

Put it out with some crackers or chips of choice….. really just the vessel to get that delicious dip in your mouth (because it might look silly just spooning dip straight to your mouth, but no judgment!).

Pro Tip: If you ever have any of Max’s Dirty Dip left over, I’d like to share some additional ways we use it. LIke I mentioned, these are pro tips mostly developed by Max himself. 

  1. Add it to the top of your hamburger instead of a slice of cheese. Insanely good. Might be illegal in some states. Check with your lawyer first. 
  2. Making omelets? Yep, put Dirty Dip in place of shredded cheese. We are talking cheese, sausage and Rotel….. fantastic. 
  3. Stuff it in mushroom caps or peppers and bake or put on the grill. Bam!

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